Office Cleaning Service New YorkWhen shopping for office cleaning in NYC there are a number of questions to ask to a potential service. Below is compiled list of questions, and appropriate responses, that will help find the perfect match.

How many people are required for office cleaning in NYC?

  • Typically, cleaning teams range from 2 to 3 professionals per site. The team works in tandem to vacuum, dust, and sanitize offices properly. With a number of people working at the same office, the task of cleaning is expedited and executed more efficiently.

Does the Cleaning team tend to have the same staff members each week?

  • To ensure the happiness of the customer, the same cleaning staff are issued to the office each week. By maintaining a close report with the workers who clean the office, trust inevitably develops. Additionally, it is beneficial for teams to familiarize themselves in an office by working there multiple times

What should I do prior to a cleaning service?

  • To guarantee that the office is being cleaned, rather than being tidied, make sure that the area is straightened up prior to a scheduled cleaning service. Team members come for an allotted period of time, and during that duration, you want them to be dusting, vacuuming and sanitizing, rather than straightening up unorganized work areas.

Do you clean windows and carpets?

  • Upon special request, we can clean both windows and carpets. Scheduling for such requests must be made within two weeks notice, so that the equipment can be prepared properly.

What happens if I am dissatisfied with the service?

  • A follow appointment can be made, free of charge, if the quality of the cleaning service did not meet expectations. We aim to please customers with complete satisfaction, and if that was not experienced, our job was incorrectly executed.

What kind of products do you use?

  • We aim to limit any negative environmental or human health effects in the office setting. By choosing hypo allergenic, environmental friendly products we aim to limit ill effects as much as possible. Abrasive products, such as bleach, chlorine, or ammonia-based solutions are not part of our repertoire of cleaners.

Is my office covered against damage of theft?

  • We offer insurance for damaged office materials, but suggest that all valuables are locked up, or guarded personally. We hire a trust worthy cleaning staff, and it is difficult to assume blame of guilt due to theft.

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