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When it comes to office cleaning service & janitorial services NYC, we are your number 1 choice for office cleaning company.

Office cleaning company NY

Cleaning Service Industries, inc (CSI) first opened it’s doors in the early 1950’s. Our business, discovered a growing gap in the building maintenance of commercial real estate. Knowing how greatly our physical environment influences the work we do, we made it our mission to create positive environments through dedicated commercial building maintenance. By the mid-1970’s, our customer base had expanded to all five boroughs and by the 1980’s, we were a leading service provider to the tri-state area. Today, our focus is on bridging exceptional service with social responsibility by providing affordable, environmentally responsible “Green” cleaning products and technology to all of our customers.

From the day CSI’s doors opened in the early 1950’s to today, our business has strived to uphold our founding ideals: dedicated service, access to management, the top-down leadership that distinguishes us from our competitors and, most important, the continuous strive to redefine the standard in service.

Office Cleaning Company NYC

Office Cleaning Company New York City

Looking for professional Office cleaning company? You’ve come to the right place. We’re the Office Cleaning Company You’ve Been Searching For. We offer top flight janitorial services and Office cleaning – our ultra-reliability, great service, and super low prices combine to offer it all.

We Are an Affordable Office Cleaning Company. If you need office cleaning new york city or commercial office cleaning then we are your commercial office cleaning experts. Cleaning Service Industries, Inc. is your best source for office and commercial cleaning services in New York, NYC area. We provide the best Marble restoration, Janitorial services & Office cleaning business. Call our 24 hour emergency office cleaning service at 212 736 5200.

If you are looking for office cleaning company, We’re the ‘Right Company’, Call Us Now.

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