janitorial services nyc“As the office manager of a Brooklyn law firm, I simply had to find a replacement for the shoddy work and utter ‘unreliability’ of our (thankfully now past) ‘janitorial services’ (Google search speech). The old crew showed up when they felt like it, left the offices a mess and charged us an arm and a leg. A half hour Google search using terms such as ‘office cleaning company, NY’ and office cleaning in NYC and janitorial services in NYC and office cleaning, New York City’ and so on, and your ‘office cleaning, NYC’ stood out, but, more importantly it also ‘stood up’ to a fair amount of ‘checking out your online claims’ (there’s no shortage of ‘hype’ on the Web). As it turned out, your company really does offer exceptional ‘janitorial services, NYC’, and today is our ‘One Year Anniversary’ so I just wanted to say ‘cheers’!”

Marcia M. – Brooklyn, NY

“When you need anything in the ‘Big Apple’, the first place you go is online. When I got promoted to office manager two years ago, the first thing I did (because the office, IMHO, was a mess)! I used all the right search engine terms: ‘janitorial services’ and ‘office cleaning company’ and ‘office cleaning, NY’ and (of course) ‘office cleaning’ (and I’m sure a few more). I compared all the online pros and cons, but when it comes to finding the best ‘office cleaning’ or unsurpassed ‘office cleaning service in nyc’, etc. you simply ‘have’ to ‘ask around’. When I did just that, your ‘office cleaning company’ name kept coming up, and nearly a year later, I know why. You guys ‘are’ the best! Keep up the great work!”

Dan L. – Staten Island, NY

“As my partner and I were opening our first realty office, several of our neighbors in the building recommended your company’s janitorial services, NYC, and are we glad they did! We knew a thorough yet affordable office cleaning company can very tough to find, and when we gave you guys a try, well, we couldn’t be happier with the office cleaning quality, cost, reliability, and everything else that goes with the business you folks are in. When it comes to the issue of office cleaning company, well, problem solved and one less thing to worry about. Once again, everybody on your team is great. Keep up the good work”!

Frank S. – Manhattan, NY

“Some people say lawyers can be ‘fussy’, and when I opened my sole practitioner law office, I had been told that finding the ‘right’ cleaning company could be a real challenge. I guess I had the ‘luck of the Irish’ when I quickly discovered your janitorial services, because your office cleaning is all you advertised and more. As a young attorney, you need to make a great first impression, and a dusty office and less than sparkling rest room wouldn’t help any. Not to worry because your office cleaning, New York City satisfies this ‘fussy’ lawyer to the ‘max’. The fact that your staff is always on time and your cost is more than reasonable doesn’t hurt either. It’s a win-win for this lucky lady (and yes, as you know, I am Irish)”!

Sandra O. – Brooklyn, NY

“As the manager of a fairly large office building, I’m always happy to recommend your brand of office cleaning whenever a new tenant asks my advice. We have everything from dentists to accountants in the building, and thorough office cleaning is important to everyone. Your company’s office cleaning, makes it easy to steer new tenants towards your consistently excellent services, and I’ve gotten lots of ‘thank you’ comments from tenants after they hired your office cleaning (not to mention some nice ‘Happy Holidays” cash tips, too)! Now if I could just find a ‘plumber’ half as good as your office cleaning, I’d be all set”!

Roger C. – Queens, NY

“Opening my new accounting office was quite a challenge, particularly until I finally discovered your company’s outstanding brand of office cleaning. I had to go through 3-4, always a ‘day late and dollar short’ janitorial services, until I discovered your company. Better late than never, but now that I know I can always depend on your office cleaning company to get the job done right I really do sleep better at night. No, I’m not a poet, just another of your many satisfied clients of what may be the ‘very best’ office cleaning (and that’s ‘saying’ something)”.

Alicia M. – Manhattan, NY

“As a new interior decorator just starting out, money was an issue when I opened my (must look beautiful and immaculately clean) office in Manhattan. One of the first things on my “to-do” list had been to search the countless listings for top notch, janitorial services and you name it. I knew I wouldn’t attract any interior design and decorating clients if there was so much as a particle of dust on a desk, and you guys advertised your company as the Big Apple’s most thorough janitorial services (or whatever), and you do exactly what you say. My office and bathroom sparkle to perfection when you’re done. Fantastic office cleaning services for certain. Thanks so much for a job well done”!

Susan J. – Manhattan, NY

“When I got promoted to “Office Manager”, I got a ‘little’ more money but a ‘lot’ more work. Our company’s janitorial services provider had always left the job half done and overcharged for just ‘plain lousy’ office cleaning services, (that’s what the ad ‘should’ have said). Then my job got easier when I lucked into your super duper brand of office cleaning or wherever I had found your name. I got a big pat on the back from the boss for an, ‘office cleaning company, NY job well done’ thanks to your professional crews (maybe I’ll get another promotion). Hey, thanks a million for making my job less stressful, and you cleaning guys and gals’ have a great day”!

Frank S. – Queens, NY

“When I first saw my new real estate office, the place had been a disgusting mess. The realtor said, ‘no problem’ the city has tons of folks who can fix that’. Wow, great advice – start checking the ads for office cleaning services, New York City, janitorial services,, office cleaning company, NY, office cleaning, etc., etc., etc. I can’t believe my good luck that I had just randomly chosen your company brand of office cleaning. Your company and fantastic cleaners are just what I thought I’d never find, and your rates are actually affordable. Give everybody at the ‘very best’ janitorial services a great big ‘thumbs-up’ from me”!

Tom M. – Brooklyn, NY

“Short and sweet, business is booming and I’m busy, but I just have to say thanks to what has to be the best office cleaning company or ‘whatever’ listing I had checked when I stumbled onto your services, but I’m sure glad I did. Your company provides superb cleaning at a great price. That’s a win-win situation and thanks so much”!

Alice B. – Manhattan, NY

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