Office Cleaning NYC

From a far, winter in NYC is beautiful. When you have to get to work two days after a snowstorm, city streets become wet and dirty. Office cleaning during the winter must change to combat the specific issues presented by snow and muck. As the snow and slush cover the streets, offices are at risk of becoming both untidy and potentially hazardous. This is where the expertise of professional office cleaners becomes invaluable.

What Should You do to Help Keep Offices Clean?

  1. Maintain Clear Walkways: Avoid NYC's winter slush is nearly impossible, and the last thing any business needs is for their premises to be a slipping hazard. Our team specializes in keeping walkways, driveways, and entrance points impeccable regardless of the weather. With state-of-the-art equipment and a well-trained crew, we ensure timely and efficient snow removal. So, while the city streets might be chaotic, your office entrance will always be welcoming and safe. A hurt employee does not work at their best, which hurts business.
  2. Strategically Place Door Mats: Entrance mats are more than decorative elements; they are the first line of defense against winter grime. Our service doesn't just place any mats at your doorsteps; we provide high-absorbent microfiber mats, specially designed to trap maximum moisture and dirt. We'll manage the regular rotation and cleaning of these mats, ensuring they remain effective throughout the winter months.
  3. Prioritize Disinfection: With winter comes the dreaded cold and flu season. Our professional service ensures your office remains a sanctuary of health. We concentrate on high-touch surfaces, ensuring areas like elevator buttons, handrails, and shared equipment are regularly sanitized. With our top-tier disinfectants and a rigorous cleaning schedule, you can rest assured that your office will be a space where productivity thrives, not germs.
  4. Focus on Windows and Floors: Natural light becomes a rare commodity during NYC's gray winter days. We ensure that every ray of sunlight is capitalized upon by keeping your windows spotless. Our streak-free cleaning ensures a clear view, boosting the morale and energy of your office space. When it comes to floors, whether wood or carpet, our team is equipped to handle the challenges each type presents. We'll manage the protection of your wood floors against salt stains and water damage, and for carpeted areas, our deep cleaning sessions ensure a fresh, clean environment free of trapped allergens and dirt.

While winter in New York City can be challenging, it doesn't mean your office should bear the brunt. Trust in the expertise of professional cleaners to keep your workspace pristine, safe, and inviting throughout the season. Let us handle the winter mess so you can focus on what you do best.

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