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People buy brand new furniture because it is functional, and it looks good. Individuals can go to great lengths to protect their furniture so that it continues to look good. It is common to find coasters, glass toppers, and corner protects around to help keep the desk or table safe. People must also consider what dust does to the look and feel of furniture. Dust gives new furniture an old look that is not aesthetically pleasing. It is important to dust for the look, but it is more critical to dust for the health benefits that it provides.

Simply put, breathing dust into your lungs is unhealthy for both allergy suffers and healthy people. Removing dust will drastically improve the overall air quality in your office. It lessens allergy and asthma symptoms, such as difficulty breathing, coughing, itchy eyes, and runny nose.

Dusting for any office is essential because it impresses new and returning clients, but more importantly, it keeps your workers at work. Those that thoroughly and routinely dust their offices are more likely to have employees get sick less frequently. A healthy office is a productive office.

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Is Your Office that Dirty?

Most people who do not like to clean feel this way because of laziness. Cleaning is time-consuming, especially if it is done right. People tend not to care about what it is they are cleaning unless it is a toilet bowl. Yes, there are germs, bacteria, and gross stuff in a bathroom, but that stuff exists throughout an office. Our team recognizes just how dirty an office is and we want to help you get rid of that grim. People spend countless hours in an office, and so it is no wonder why and how that place can get so dirty.

You need to hire a professional office cleaning company that knows the dirtiest spots to clean. These include:

The telephone: this device has many contact points from dialing to picking up the receiver. Any dirt, grime, or bacteria that is on the user’s hands will now be on the phone. Even worse than that people spend time talking directly into the receivers, which catches our spit particles and anything else unwanted coming from the mouth.

A keyboard and mouse need to be cleaned with special attention (especially if more than one employee uses a workstation). Like a phone, these things are touched continuously all day long. If a person inadvertently wipes their nose or mouth and then touches the phone, you now have bacteria transferring between the two mediums. Special care must be taken to clean these two computer accessories thoroughly.

People transfer germs when touching and speaking, but also when their clothes contact objects. Shoes may track in dirt or mud, whereas clothing can be covered in pollen. It is essential to regularly clean upholstery that workers sit on.

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