Janitorial Services NYC

Office cleaning is essential for any office, regardless of what type of business it is. Even if no client is coming to the office, the place should still be immaculate. Hiring in-house janitorial services will ensure your office is clean, but it will require a salary, benefits, and buying/maintaining all cleaning equipment. The less expensive option, which is just as good as in-house cleaners, it to outsource professional janitorial services NYC. Hiring help is vital for a clean office, but so is support from your employees. This isn’t to say that they should pick up a vacuum, but instead to do little things that will help professional cleaning last longer.

Encourage your employees to:

  • Stay organized in their workspace. Remind them of the importance of a tidy desk and make sure to give them time (beginning/end of the day) to file things and to keep their space clean. It is effortless for a mess to grow on a desk.
  • Keep their hands clean. Of course, bathrooms have hand washing signs, but sometimes that isn’t enough to keep out germs and bacteria. For a small cost, you can set up hand sanitizing stations at crucial places in your office, like the kitchen, bathroom, and entrance.
  • Not eat at their desks. Drinks do not create crumbs or other hazards that are associated with eating. Eating and transporting food through the office is a bonafide way to create a mess.

We are known for office cleaning New York, and we want to help you keep your office clean. For more information on janitorial services in NYC, let us be your first call.

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