Many office buildings in NYC have large, communal bathrooms. These bathrooms are trafficked frequently by workers and guests, who spend a good deal of time in the building each day. As a result of everyday usage, commercial bathrooms can get extremely dirty in a relatively short period of time. If these restrooms are not properly maintained, they can become extremely dirty, non functional, and overtly uncomfortable to be in. Taking care of commercial bathrooms is often a job that is best left to professionals. There are certain supplies that are needed to handle the messes and soils that are commonly found in large restrooms. Most importantly, proper equipment is necessary in order to sanitize the area and stay safe while cleaning it. A small amount of maintenance, over a long course of time, will ultimately lead to a smaller mess to clean, and a happier restroom patron.

There are common steps that all office-cleaning services in NYC take, in order to properly sanitize and clean a commercial restroom:

  • Step 1: A professional cleaner will always spray down all the surfaces of the toilets, doors, faucets, and dispensers in order to disinfect the room. Typically, the custodial worker will start from the entrance of the bathroom, and work their way inward, and eventually back the way that they came, which ensures that every surface of the room was serviced properly.
  • Step 2: Once all the surfaces are sanitized, the cleaner will then begin to restock all supplies. Soap, paper towels, and toilet paper are quick to run out in a bathroom that gets a myriad of traffic, and it is important to restock necessary supplies each day.
  • Step 3: Next, all trashcans and depositories should be emptied and disinfected. When they are thoroughly cleaned, the receptacle should always be outfitted with a new, clean bag.
  • Step 4: The next step of the process is to clean all mirrors and reflective surfaces. Near the sinks, water can splash up and leave a residue, which is unpleasant to look at.
  • Step 5: All floors should be mopped and swept with disinfecting agents. The cleaner will make sure to pay a good deal of attention to floor areas near the toilets and sinks.

These are just a few steps that office cleaners in NYC will take to ensure that a commercial bathroom is hygienic and disinfected. With the help of professional cleaning services, your commercial bathroom will be pleasant to be inside of. The workday is often tough and stressful, and a dirty bathroom should never add to those problems.

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