Janitorial Services NYCProfessional carpet cleaning is an absolute requirement for any office space that utilizes carpeting. People walk through office spaces continually throughout the workweek. A typical office space will require workers to keep shoes on throughout the day. Who knows what is on the bottom of their shoes?

Professional carpet cleaning goes beyond using a simple vacuum cleaner. Of course, it is important to vacuum on a daily basis, but every so often all offices need deeper carpet cleaning. How often should you have your carpets professionally cleaned?

Janitorial Service NYC

The best way to answer that question is to speak with a professional janitorial service in NYC. We offer office inspections to help determine the appropriate cleaning schedule for your space and your carpets.

You may want to answer a few questions before making a phone call for an office cleaning service.

  • First, how big is your office, and how much of it is covered with carpeting or rugs?
  • Secondly, what is the approximate amount of foot traffic on a daily basis?
  • Lastly, what types of carpeting do you have in your workspace?

Knowing the answers to these questions will allow you to have a more comprehensive conversation about office cleaning NYC. Give us a call to see how our janitorial services in New York can help keep your carpets looking brand new.

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