Office Cleaning Company NYCThere are many reasons why a company would want to hire routine professional cleaning. The purpose of this article is not to go over all the different reason, but instead it will dive specifically into one reason: the tools and machines professionals have. A clean office can mean the difference between gaining new business and losing it. It can also mean the difference between healthy and unhealthy workers. Regardless of why you decided to clean your office, it is important to hire professionals rather than having your employees do it. Below we will be going over some of the specialized machines that professional cleaners use and why.

If you read the back of a carpet-cleaning bottle, it doesn’t look hard to clean a carpet. Things usually are not as easy as they appear. If you want to truly clean your carpets you need a heavy-duty machine that is designed to do one thing: clean carpets. Not all carpet cleaners are built the same. Industrial systems are able to clean deeper than other machines. Industrial machines are easy to maneuver and can do wet and dry-cleaning. Professional companies also use something called a carpet extractor, which helps to get carpets cleaner than by hand or normal machine. These machines are not cheap and usually start at roughly $1,000.

If you have marble floors, you will want a totally different machine than a carpet cleaner. Floor machines, or floor buffers, allow for certain types of floors to be polished. The polish gives the floor a nice shine and also helps to preserve it over its life. The machines can strip, scrub, grind, and shampoo. These machines do more than any simple mop ever could.

Professional cleaners also have steam cleaners. When there are bad stains that chemicals won’t get out, you will want to try using steam to clean. You can buy household steam cleaners, which do a great job in small areas, but they always fall short when cleaning large office spaces. Industrial cleaners are expensive, but they are expensive for a reason; those machine clean with more consistency and ease.

Office Cleaning Company NYC

Getting a perfectly clean office space requires many different things: diligent cleaning schedules, hard workers, and knowledgeable workers. None of the above can happen without the help of the proper machines. Buying all these specialized machines and training staff to use them takes time and costs money. Hiring a professional office cleaning company NYC might just be the best and most inexpensive way for you to go.

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