Office Cleaning Service NYCIn major metropolitan cities, such as New York or San Francisco, marble stone has been long embraced. Available in a wide array of colors, sizes, shapes, and patterns, marble has gained some of its biggest footing in the architecture industry.

Many old offices building in New York were designed in a time when beautiful stone was popular, and historic buildings were built in a grandiose fashion, with exotic materials such as marble. Marble has been used as a signifier of wealth, class, and style over the course of history, and it is noticeably displayed in many of the entrances, décor, and façades in New York Buildings. Unfortunately, time weathers beautiful materials like marble, but marble can be restored with the right tools and professionals. Many office-cleaning services in NYC know the proper techniques to both clean and restore marble. Certain products can damage the expensive stone, so it is important to hire a competent and reputable service.

Restoring marble is a process that takes a well-seasoned professional. Marble is an expensive investment, which can be damaged by wear, exposure, improper maintenance and care, and scratching. The right hands can restore marble to its original shine and glory. Well-preserved stone cannot only raise the aesthetic value of an office building, but can dramatically increase its monetary worth. An office cleaning service in NYC will know the right steps to take towards cleaning marble.

First, the cleaning service will clean the marble with a commercial grade, natural stone cleaner; this will help the marble by removing all dirt, sediments, grime, oils, and stains. Removing these contaminants will prevent the particles from going deeper into the surface. Next, distilled water and a micro fiber cloth should be used to gently clean the surface of the marble. Marble is a very delicate stone and can be damaged by stronger cleaning agents. Marble floors should be cleaned on a regular basis with a dry, micro fiber mop or broom. Doing so will prevent the accumulation of debris on floors that could eventually scratch the stone.

Like other porous stones, an acidic liquid can easily stain marble. If orange juice, wine or soda get spilled, make sure to alert a cleaning staff right away so the stain can be adverted. Having a professional cleaning serve in NYC on staff will ultimately lead to better maintained marble, and an overall cleaner workplace.

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