Office Cleaning New York

Office cleaning New York City

We all know of the term Spring Cleaning. However, we should never limit our office cleaning to one season a year. Office cleaning New York City should be a priority for business owners all year round. With the prevalence of germs and sickness in the winter months, office cleaning NYC should take precedence as the temperatures begin to drop.

With the flu and cold running rampant during the cold weather, it is essential to keep on top of your cleaning in the winter. While we hope that employees will stay home when they are feeling sick, that is not always the case. Hiring a service to keep on top of cleaning in the winter will help to prevent the circulation of germs which in turn can result in a healthier work environment for employees.

Ensure that your cleaning service is disinfecting commonly used surfaces daily, such as keyboards, mice, and desktops. Places like the bathroom and kitchen, where a vast majority of office employees congregate, should be targeted during winter cleaning as well.

When it’s cold outside, the office is closed off as no one wants to open a window to let in the cold air. Because of this dusting is a top priority in the winter as indoor pollutant particles have nowhere to escape.

Floors need extra TLC during the winter months as many people are dragging in dirt, mud, and other debris. Salt used to break up ice on the ground is often tracked in and can be devastating to hard surface flooring. Carpets also need extra attention in the winter as they can track and hide dirt making it difficult to recognize an issue before it is too late.

Consider hiring a professional cleaning service for your New York City office this winter. A clean office will lead to healthier employees which in turn can improve production.

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