Office Cleaning NYC

It is customary in business to reward those doing well at their job. This often comes in the form of a bonus or a promotion. This is done to show appreciation to the employee(s) and encourage them to keep working hard (or work even harder). Managers and bosses give out these rewards to keep productivity levels high. An easy way to bring up the morale of the whole office is to prioritize office cleaning in NYC. Bonuses cost a lot and only benefit the recipient, whereas office cleaning is a single fee for everyone.
This doesn't mean you should stop bonuses because they work, but instead, you should consider adding cleaning to your list of how to keep employees happy and productive. Below, we want to highlight some eye-opening facts that will make you a believer in the power of cleaning for enhanced productivity.

Productivity and Efficiency:

  • A study by Harvard University found that individuals working in a clutter-free workspace can concentrate for 7.5 minutes longer than those in a cluttered workspace.
  • Studies suggest that 27% of workers feel disorganized at work. Of those, 91% thought they would be more productive if their workspace were better organized.

Health and Wellness:

  • Poor indoor air quality in dirty offices can lead to health issues like respiratory problems, allergies, and fatigue, which can all decrease productivity.
  • Studies show an average office desk is 400 times dirtier than a toilet seat. An unclean office can increase the spread of illnesses, leading to higher absenteeism.

Mental Well-being:

  • Individuals working in neat spaces are more likely to choose healthier snack options, indicating a positive effect on decision-making.
  • Workers in clean environments reported a 72% higher ability to think clearly, innovate, and make better decisions, according to a survey by OfficeMax.

Job Satisfaction and Morale:

  • According to the Staples Business Advantage 2016 Workplace Index, 21% of employees considered a clean workspace a crucial element for their happiness at work.
  • An ISS survey found that 88% of respondents believed a well-organized and clean workspace was essential for their professional reputation.

Financial Implications:

  • Studies suggest businesses lose billions annually due to decreased productivity resulting from absenteeism. While not all absenteeism can be attributed to a dirty office, the spread of illnesses in an unclean environment can contribute to this.
  • Disorganization in the workplace, which can be exacerbated by clutter and dirt, leads to time wastage. A report by Brother International Corporation suggests that messy workspaces can cost a large-sized business up to $2.5 million per year in lost productivity.

How vital a kempt and clean office is for business cannot be understated. Many think that cleaning is for visitors and clients, and that is true, but it is not the complete truth. For more information on increasing productivity in your office for an affordable rate, you should reach out for the best office cleaning NYC offers.

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