Office cleaning NYCA clean office is a must for any business. A clean work place provides a safe environment for employees. Additionally, a clean office will make your business more appealing to potential and current clients. Because of these facts, office cleaning should be a top priority for all business owners.

Office cleaning NYC should be left to a professional. Using janitorial services NYC will ensure that your office is being cleaned properly and efficiently. Once you have chosen a cleaning company, you will need to decide a schedule. The schedule will be depends on the size of your office and foot traffic.

7 Days/Week – This schedule is ideal for large offices with heavy traffic flow. Businesses exposed to the elements should also choose this schedule.

5 Days/Week – This option is for a business that needs daily cleaning but is closed on the weekends.

3 Days/Week – Businesses looking for a cost-effective schedule should choose this option.

Weekly – This option works well for smaller businesses that do not experience heavy traffic.

Monthly – If a business is not ready to commit to a weekly schedule, this option is perfect. This schedule also fits for offices where employees do daily cleaning and organizing. With this schedule, the cleaning company can come once a month for a heavy, deep cleaning that your employees may not have time to during the day.

Quarterly – This schedule is equivalent to seasonal cleaning. When the cleaning company comes, they will do a routine and deep cleaning.

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