Office Cleaning Service NYCOne of the main differences between commercial and residential cleaning companies is their hours of operation. Business is conducted from 9-5 (traditionally), and so it is hard for cleaning companies to clean during these times. One of the best things about hiring an office-cleaning service in NYC is that the cleaning staff comes at night. Workers leave for the evening, and then they come back the next morning to a perfectly clean office space. This is the case for retail spaces that has longer hours. The work schedule that is set up between cleaning company and business is set before hand, which helps to optimize work time for employees. Having to move employees temporarily, shut down sections periodically, or close bathrooms for the purpose of cleaning is not good for business. Professional office cleaning services help circumvent problems of cleaning during work hours.

Residential and commercial cleaning also differs in tools they use. Commercial companies deal with bigger spaces, bigger messes, and bigger clean times, and as such they have equipment that can handle heavy usage. This includes industrial vacuum cleaners, floor buffers, and steamers. Hiring a residential cleaning company for a big commercial job will ensure that clean up time takes long and costs more money. With weaker machines, it is no wonder why a residential cleaning company would need more time.

When looking for an office cleaning service in NYC, make sure that it is a company who does commercial work.

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