Tips For Cleaning Your Carpet

office cleaning company new york cityRemoving stains from carpets can be an impossibly difficult task. Pets, kids, and wine can all be notorious culprits of wrecking a light colored rug. With the help of carpet shampoo and machines, these once villainous stains are simply thwarted through the use of a powerful cleaning technology. Carpet shampooing can remove stains, dirt, grit, allergens, sand, and provide your home with an aesthetically pleasing, clean surface. Below are some tips to help you rid carpeting of any unwanted addition.

Look Before You Start:

There are a few things that you need to determine prior to cleaning a carpet with a product. First, assess what type of material your rug is made out of and look at the make up of the stain itself. If the carpet is Nylon or Wool, you will have to treat it with approved products. If the stain is non-water soluble, you will want to use a product that doesn’t have a great deal of water in it.

Clear the Room of furniture:

When you purchase a carpet shampoo, you want to make sure that your economic investment is optimized. Clear all items out of a room so that you can clean the entire carpets without any impediments. Things that have been sitting atop the carpet for a long time, such as couches, can hide foul stains and food by products that slip underneath. Do not set the furniture back until the carpet dries completely or else mildew could grow in the wet, dark areas.

Begin in a corner of a room

To start shampooing, ensure that you begin the process from one corner of the room, and walk slowly with the machine. Follow a vertical pattern, working your way from one wall to the next, until you reach the end of your carpeted surface.

Work from outside to inside with stains

When you are ready to apply a solvent to a specific stain, begin to blot and dry the area from the outside in. After thoroughly treated, wash with water, and repeat the blotting process. If you scrub the carpet, you can damage the fibers, spread the stain, and can even let the spill soak through to the spongy carpet pad, which could lead to foul odors. Limit the amount of foot traffic after treatment to limit tracking in dirt on a freshly cleaned, drying carpet, disallow the usage of the room until the area is completely dry.

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