Janitorial Services NYCThe status of your company’s floor can significantly impact your business. A dirty and dingy floor sets a poor impression on current and potential clients. Additionally, dirty floors can spread illness, resulting in employees calling out sick. Cleaning commercial floors is a huge undertaking and should be left to the best professional janitorial services NYC offers.

The best office cleaning in NYC can deep clean your floors and have them looking brand new. The method of cleaning will vary depending on the type of flooring your office has.

Concrete Floors

When cleaning concrete floors, you need a mop, neutral-pH floor cleaner, bucket, water, and an air mover. Before wetting the mop, sweep the floor to remove any dirt and dust. Mop the entire floor with the cleaner but do not let it dry on the floor. Rinse the cleaner with water and then use an air mover to dry the area.

Carpet Floors

Carpeting filled with dirt and debris will wear down the fibers, affecting durability. Proper cleaning will minimize bacteria and germs. There are five standard methods of carpet cleaning: carpet shampooing, encapsulation, hot water extraction cleaning, bonnet cleaning, and dry carpet cleaning.

Tile Floors

Scrubbing and mopping are the most effective ways to clean commcerical tile flooring properly. When dealing with persistent stains, make sure you use the right cleaning solution. When mopping, follow a figure-eight pattern.

Vinyl Floors

Always sweep or vacuum the area to remove dirt, dust, and other debris. Use a neutral cleaning detergent during the first phase of cleaning. Use clean water to remove the detergent when you’re done.

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