Office Cleaning NYCNothing can make an office look and feel more professional than a professional cleaning service. An office in New York can get a lot of traffic during the week. Your employees are spending a minimum of 40 hours per week in the space — not to mention all the other activities that go on in an office environment. People are eating, bringing in environmental debris from the outdoors on their shoes, and people often get sick leaving their germs in common areas like the copy room and bathroom.

Hiring a professional service to provide office cleaning in NYC has a number of benefits for you and your employees, including a few of the following:

  1. Save your business time and money. How much would it cost you to hire a permanent cleaning staff? Not only would you have to pay for salaries, but you would also have to provide insurance and other benefits. Why not contract out those services and keep those expenses down to a minimum?
  2. Provide a healthier environment for your employees. Illnesses in New York can spread like wildfire if people aren’t careful. Invest in professional office cleaning in NYC and you can be sure to keep germs to a minimum. A professionally trained staff will be sure to do things like empty waste baskets, wipe down door handles, disinfect the bathrooms, etc. Dust and mold can also plague your employees with allergies that may affect their productivity as well as keep them from coming to work. It is better to prevent illness in the beginning by hiring a professional cleaning service today.
  3. Create a positive first impression for your visitors. How many visitors come into your office on a daily basis? If they were to walk in right now, what would they say about your office environment? If the impression your office is leaving on your guests is less than impressive, then you need to invest in professional office cleaning in NYC. Small details like picking up dust in corners, vacuuming under the furniture and other hard to reach places, wiping down dirty window ledges are all things that a professional cleaning service can do for you.

With all the benefits of hiring a professional office cleaning in NYC, it may be hard to think about why you haven’t chosen to invest in the service already. Save your business time and money. Provide a healthier environment for your employees. Creative a positive first impression for your visitors.

Keeping Marble looking New

The look of marble immediately makes people think high quality. This is only the case when the marble is new or when it is properly taken care of. This stone adds a level of class and luxury to any business, but this doesn’t mean that marble is without its flaws. First, it is expensive to purchase and install. Second, it requires higher levels of maintenance as opposed to carpet, linoleum, and wood. The flaws shouldn’t deter a person from getting marble floors, but instead should have that person strongly considering how to keep the floor looking new.

In order to clean a marble floor, one should have proper cleaning tools and supplies. Considering the chemical composition of the stone, you will not want to use acidic cleaners on the floor. Acid-based cleaners will scratch, stain, and reduce shine. You will also want to use soft mops and buffers, so that scratching does not happen.

It’s important to note that marble is a porous material, and so any liquid that is left on it will eventually seep into the stone. This is important for cleaning as well as spills throughout the day.

If you want to show that your business is serious and high-class, installing marble floors is a great way to get that look. It is important to hire office cleaning NYC, so that floors can be taken care of properly. Janitorial services in NYC are the best way to maintain perfect marble floors.

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