Office Cleaning NYCA dirty office space creates many problems for businesses. On the surface, a dirty office is distracting and shows clients and customers you do not care about attention to detail. If you went to an office or shop that was dirty, dusty, and had a smell, you’d probably want to leave sooner than later. You’d probably also not return to that establishment. Beyond attracting and keeping new customers/clients, there are still other benefits found by hiring the best office cleaning NYC has to offer your business.

To get the most from a clean office, you need to trust office cleaning in New York City. When you leave the task to unskilled workers, you will most likely experience some issues with cleaning. One of the biggest issues that untrained cleaners make is that they overlook important areas of cleaning. When it comes to keeping a healthy and happy office, you cannot overlook any aspect of office cleaning. The best office cleaning New York City has creates custom, detailed cleaning plans for all spaces and businesses. We make sure to clean everything.

The most commonly overlooks areas of cleaning include:

  • Plants (fake and real) – bringing some life into a drab office brings color and adds extra oxygen to the room. These plants accumulate a large amount of dust, eventually leading to mold spores (from the watering). Make sure someone is looking after plant life.
  • Computers, Keyboards, Mice, and Phones – employees touch these things all day. Dirt, germs, and grease all make their way onto these items, and when they are not cleaned frequently, bacteria grows. A person can get sick from using a filthy keyboard or phone.
  • Inside of Trash Cans – garbage should be taken out nightly, and the inside of cans should be cleaned and wiped down. Even garbage cans that have a bag can still get dirty. If this mess is left, it begins to smell. There is nothing worse than a smelly office.

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