Office Cleaning Company NYC

A clean office is essential. A clean workspace boosts productivity for employees and sets a great first impression for current and future clients. Do not leave the cleaning to your employees. Cleaning takes time and skill. Allow your employees to focus on the job they were hired to do by calling us. Our trained professionals provide the best janitorial service NYC has to offer.

Office Cleaning Company New York City

Still on the fence about whether or not you need office cleaning New York City for your company? The following statistics may change your mind.

  • Nearly 98% of workers experience issues from contagious diseases found in unclean workspaces.
  • Only about a quarter of workers believe their space is adequately cleaned.
  • The longer you go without cleaning, the worse things become. A surface’s bacteria and germs increase by 30% each day it’s not disinfected.
  • Working in an office is can be dangerous to your health. Most office workers are exposed to millions of bacteria each day.
  • Dust accumulates quickly in an office, and almost 70% of that dust is skin particles.
  • Telephones are a magnet for germs, with 25,000 bacteria per square inch.
  • Telephones aren’t the only magnets for germs in the office. Carpets are filthy, and can usually hold about a pound of dirt before appearing dirty.

For the health of you and your employees, consider giving us a call today for professional office cleaning. Boost productivity and avoid employees calling out sick by getting your office cleaned regularly.

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