Office Cleaning NYCDid you know that a tidy and clean office boosts worker productivity? It’s true. Many studies show that workers are more efficient and happier when working in a neat office space. Office cleaning in NYC should be a priority for all business owners, no matter your industry. Do not leave the cleaning to your employees as it will most likely be done incorrectly.

As the best janitorial service NYC offers, we know what it takes to clean an office properly. There are critical areas that all professional cleaners must know to handle. Ensuring that these areas are cleaned will boost worker efficiency.

Office Cleaning NYC

  • Wipe down high touch areas – Phones, keyboards, doorknobs, and other handles are teeming with germs. Any area that is high touch will accumulate germs and bacteria.
  • Throw away the garbage – Leaving garbage in trash cans leads to unpleasant smells and may lead to bugs and gnats. Empty garbage bins every day or twice a day in busier offices.
  • Eliminate dust – A dust-free office is a productive office. Dust is filled with allergens that often lead to sickness. Sick employees are likely to call out. If they do come to the office while sick, they’re less productive and will most likely get other people sick.
  • Sweep, mop, and vacuum the floors – Whether you have carpets or hardwood floors, clean them regularly. Floors of an office accumulate a ton of dirt, especially in high traffic areas, such as the lobby and reception hall. The longer the dirt sits, the harder it becomes to remove.

What is the Dirtiest Part of an Office?

Ignoring a strict cleaning regiment in an office can be easy. Many businesses do not understand how dirty an office space can get with just regular traffic. Regardless of the type of company being run, employees and clients are coming in and out of the area on an almost daily basis. Bathrooms and kitchens are especially dirty places and require regular cleaning, but what about the other areas of the office? What are the dirtiest places in an office?

Knobs and buttons: people wash their hands after using the bathroom and eating, but not usually between those times. Doorknobs or handles that are grabbed continuously and pulled can collect significant amounts of dirt and germs.

Mice and Keyboards: These two tools might seem like they are not dirty, but they are most likely harboring bacteria and germs. In fact, they can be amongst the dirtiest things in an office. We can help to keep these tools clean and your workers happy.

Coffee pots: Some offices provide coffee machines for their workers. When was the last time you cleaned your device? Mold and bacteria can grow in areas of the device because of excess water. We can help you clean the little things that people tend to forget about.

Our janitorial services in NYC can keep your office clean, from top to bottom. Call us for office cleaning NYC.

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