Office Cleaning Business New York CityGoing green, or being environmentally conscious, requires a multifaceted approach to living and operating. A business that wants to meet the standards of being Eco-friendly must do many things. Using energy efficient appliances, reducing paper waste, and working with other businesses that promote Eco-friendly behavior are just a few of the many things a more eco-friendly company must do. Companies can do so much to become green, but often they forget to alter their cleaning habits. If you want your business to be legitimately more environmentally friendly, you will consider hiring a janitorial service NYC that provides full green cleaning. Our staff is trained and has access to materials and tools necessary to complete the job!

Consider going green for the health of your employees. Green cleaning uses less hazardous and toxic cleaning agents. Our cleaning methods will leave the air cleaner and smelling fresh. Breathing in chemicals daily can have short and long-term effects.

Consider green cleaning because it can be a helpful selling point for your business. A green company wants to fully live that life. When marketing your business, do not forget to mention the things that are done daily to keep the planet safe while still providing great products or services.

Let our team help you make the shift to green cleaning. For more details, reach out for office cleaning NYC.

Office Cleaning Should Include Windows

No office space is clean until the windows are washed. It is easy to forget to clean windows daily because they may be out of reach or they just might not seem that dirty. It is hard to ignore the benefits found when diligently cleaning windows in your office.

Consider cleaning your windows because:

  1. It will lengthen the life of windows. Weather, chemicals, and dirt do damage to glass, and proper cleaning (the correct tools and cleaning solutions) can help to lessen the damage from external elements.
  2. The longer the dirt and grime remain on a window, the harder it becomes to remove the stain. Cleaning windows like this requires significant time and strong chemicals. Cleaning windows more frequently allows for quicker and more efficient cleaning.
  3. It increases the overall comfort level for employees and those visiting the office. Smudges and dirt are unsightly and can be distracting. There is nothing worse than looking at windows that have finger marks. Professional office cleaning allows sunlight to fill a room.
  4. It can help impress clients and new customers. The first time someone steps into an office space, you want them to see that your area is clean from floor to ceiling. This helps to impress upon clients that your business cares about appearance and attention to detail.

We offer professional office cleaning in NYC, and we provide top-quality window cleaning. For more information regarding janitorial services in NYC, give us a call.

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