When it comes to office cleaning, we often think of the usual suspects. Desks, floors, sinks, and toilets are all areas that we want to ensure are cleaned. However, there are plenty of locations in the office that are often overlooked and harbor germs. These hidden germs are why it’s so important to hire a professional. The best office cleaning service NYC has to offer will ensure all office areas are cleaned.

Office Cleaning Service NYC

Overlooked areas of the office when it comes to cleaning:

  • Phones – Phones are often a culprit for spreading germs from person to person as multiple people use them. Phones should be wiped down at least once a day.
  • Coffee Maker – Most people love to start their workday with a cup of coffee. Because of this, the coffee maker is used frequently by multiple people.
  • Elevator Buttons – Elevator buttons are often neglected in office cleaning, but this shouldn’t be the case. These buttons are touched multiple times throughout the day, passing germs from person to person.
  • Keyboards – Cleaning keyboards is often avoided as many people feel spraying them with liquids will cause damage. A professional cleaning service will know how to disinfect keyboards without damaging them.
  • Door Handles – Think about how many times a day a door handle is touched. It’s a lot. Each person touching the door handle will leave their germs to pass on to the next person.
  • Printers – A printer is another device that people are nervous about cleaning for fear of damage. The best janitorial services in NYC will clean the printer without causing damage.

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