Office cleaning service NYC

Is your office space dirtier than you think? Even though we might not always see it, dirt, dust, and other debris are hiding in the most obvious places. As a result of air circulation and what people touch, it is easy to see how dirt and grime get into odd places that most people don’t think need frequent cleaning. Before going over the 4 dirtiest areas in an office, it is important to mention that a dirty office is known to reduce productivity and make employees sick and uncomfortable while working. Hiring the best office cleaning NYC has to offer ensures that your space remains immaculate (in spots you can and cannot see).

  1. Sink Faucets (especially in the break room) – you might think that because water comes out of a faucet, it would remain clean, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. First, a break room is one of the busiest rooms in an office. People also cook and eat there, which can become highly contaminated when not frequently cleaned and sanitized. How many people put food in their mouth and then go and touch the sink in the break room?
  2. Door handles/Light switches – unless the switch or handle feels weird or is sticky, typically, a person does not think twice about touching. It is not uncommon for a person to touch a door and immediately touch their face.
  3. Desk – The desk’s surface area might not be so dirty, but the phone, mouse, and keyboard often are.
  4. Microwave handles – The door handle could be one of the dirtiest sports in an office.

The best office cleaning service NYC has to offer knows how to clean, when to clean, and where to clean.

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