Janitorial services in NYC

We’ve learned many things this year. One thing that we’ve learned is the importance of a clean space. With more people going back to the office, it’s more important than ever to provide staff with a clean work environment. When a business provides a clean workspace, your employees are more productive and less likely to call out sick. 

When it comes to office cleaning, you want to make sure you hire a professional. Do not leave the cleaning to your workers. Our janitorial services in NYC will make sure the job is done efficiently and effectively. 

Office Cleaning Service NYC

What makes our cleaning services better than the rest is that we both clean and disinfect areas. Disinfecting is so important in preventing the spread of illness because it removes germs and bacteria. Both cleaning and disinfecting are important in presenting a safe and orderly business to both staff and clients. 

  • Cleaning – Cleaning is usually done with soap or detergent and water. This method will remove dust, dirt, and crumbs from your surfaces. However, it will not remove all the germs, so there is still a chance the bacteria will spread. 
  • Disinfecting – A chemical, also known as a disinfectant, is used during this method of cleaning. Common chemicals used to disinfect are bleach and alcohol solutions. Leave the disinfectant on the surface for an extended period before wiping it off. Leaving the solution on the surface helps to remove germs. 

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