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The workplace refrigerator can be a cesspool of bacteria. Too often food products are left long past their expiration date, which can lead to foul smells emanating from the fridge. Also, spills and leaks from drinks and condiment bottles can result in sticky messes.

Thankfully, these horror stories can be avoided with just a few steps from workers. Below are basic facts that everyone should know about refrigerator maintenance to prevent unnecessary messes.

Make sure that perishable foods are always refrigerated to prevent bacteria growth.  Do not leave perishable foods out at room temperature for more than a couple of hours at a time. Are you worried about putting warm food in the fridge because you always heard it was bad? Do not worry about this. Putting warm food in the refrigerator is perfectly acceptable as long as the container cover is slightly cracked until the food is completely cooled.

Never leave leftovers in the workplace refrigerator for more than three days. Leftovers should always be eaten promptly to avoid the growth of bacteria. Have a system in place where workers can label and date food put in the fridge so it does not stay longer than it should.

Janitorial Services NYC

So, what should you do if there was no upkeep for your fridge and it is a complete mess? Contact an office cleaning service in NYC. Our janitorial services can clean even the messiest of refrigerators in NYC. We will make sure all bacteria has been removed!

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