Office Cleaning Service NYCWhat most people first see when they walking into your shop, office, or restaurant, is the glass doors and the windows that let people look in. Outside of a buildings facet, the windows provide the first real look into a business or company. First impressions are everything, and so you will want to work diligently to maintain clean and unbroken windows. Dirty windows carry with them a message that the owner doesn’t care enough about their business to keep it in a presentable state. A dirty window can have potentially customers walking right by your location. Keeping your office and windows clean can help to increase business and worker morale.

Taking care of windows is not as easy at spraying chemicals and wiping it up with paper towel. There are special tools and cleaning agents to use that will leave your glass without streaks, clean, and without scratches.

If you want to have employees cleaning windows then you must instruct them what cleaning agents to use. Harsh chemicals, used over a prolonged period of time, can damage your glass. Different dirt/stains require different solutions. You also must consider if you are going to go green with your chemicals, meaning that you use natural and/or organic cleaning products.

After you have instructed your employees about different types of glass cleaning agents, you must provide them with the tool kit that they will need. This includes squeegees with fresh rubber, appropriate cloths, spray bottles, and telescoping poles (just to name a few). Make sure that all your items are in proper working order, so that your employees can work easily.

It is unfair and unwise to require workers to clean, unless you are specifically hiring a janitor or a janitorial staff. Rather then hiring full-time employees, you can hire professional office cleaning companies right here in NYC. Hiring a professional cleaning company will allow you the benefits of having professional cleaners, tools, and cleaning agents, while not suffering from the price of paying for it all. You can hire professional cleaning service for daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and even monthly use. You can even hire for one time usage.

Office Cleaning Service NYC

It doesn’t matter how you go about cleaning your windows, just as long as you are cleaning them. Hiring an office cleaning service in NYC can help to keep things clean while keeping the cost down.

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