How frequently is your office space cleaned? Why is this the number you decided on? Cleaning an office—work environment—is one of the essential steps for maintaining an enjoyable and healthy workplace that thrives. Office Cleaning Service NYCMost people do not recognize how much bacteria can build up in a single, typical day of operations. We follow a very rigid cleaning checklist that ensures we clean your space from top to bottom. For more information on using our janitorial service in NYC, do not hesitate to reach out to us.
Part of our cleaning checklist includes:

  • We clean all desks and accessories. Someone at a clean workspace is more likely to increase productivity over those sitting at dirty, cluttered desks. It would help if you allowed employees time every week—or other week—to file papers and to tidy their desk. Our team will dust, disinfect, and clean the rest of their space. We also clean phones, mice, keyboards, monitors, and other accessories.
  • How frequently are light switches in your place used? Areas that get touched a lot need to be cleaned every day to stop the spread of bacteria.
  • A kitchen area in an office is one of the dirtiest places in the workspace. These spaces are hotspots for bacteria and germs.
  • Natural light can help make people feel happier, and a dirty window in an office can prevent natural sunlight from easily making its way into the office. We will clean dirt and streaks from glass to ensure an optimal view.

Office Cleaning Service NYC

Do not trust your employees to get all your cleaning requirements met. Hire our office cleaning service NYC.

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