The carpeting of a home or an office sometimes gets neglected when it comes to cleaning. We tend to spend more time at desks, tables, and counters, so we go the extra mile to clean those areas. We use cleaners to disinfect as well as to keep surfaces shinny, but when it comes to carpet cleaning we simply use a vacuum. A vacuum is great for cleaning dirt that is lying on top of the carpet, but it does almost nothing to dirt that is deep within the carpet. A carpet must be cleaned with care if it is to look good and have a long life, and so this means learning the proper way to clean carpets. Sometimes it’s best to simply hire professionals within the field.

First, it is important to know what type(s) of carpeting that you are working with. Different types of carpets require different types of cleaning methods. This means that depending on the carpet type, you will need different knowledge, tools, and cleaners. Carpets can be made from polyester, nylon, polypropylene, and wool. Using polyester cleaning methods on a wool carpet could have irreversible consequences. Professional office cleaning services are able to fully assess the types of carpets located in different offices.

One reason to hire professional office cleaning in NYC is to avoid the hassles of cleaning without professional knowledge. Although it might sound easy to shampoo a carpet, that is definitely not the case. The purpose of shampooing a carpet is to get the dirt to attach to the dry foam that can be vacuumed up. Different types of soaps work differently, and it is important to pick the right soap for the job. Would you get cylindrical foam or rotary shampoo? Do you even know what to look for when examining the foams/shampoos? For instance, foam should be stable and should dry to a non-sticky residue.

Sometimes soaps and shampoos won’t do the tricks, and in those cases carpet absorbent cleaners can be used. This method is often referred to as dry cleaning. Almost no water is used in this method, so exact proportions must be used. Using too much water can leave your carpet wet and with residual soap.

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Learning to clean carpets proficiently is not simple, and it also requires money for equipment and chemicals. Money and time would be better spent on a professional office cleaning service in NYC.

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