Having a clean office space makes sense for many different reasons. Some of these reasons are obvious; where as, some of the other ones require a little digging. A clean office can impress clients. An office needs to be clean to meet local, state, and federal laws. An office should be cleaned to help prevent sickness and allergies in the workplace. Each one of the above listed reasons alone is enough to warrant frequent and diligent cleaning, but those are not the only reasons to clean.

Having happy clients, healthy workers, and a pleased government are all great, but what if you could clean to help productivity as well? The ISSA (International Sanitary Supply Association) co-sponsored a study that was conducted by and at the Center for Facilities Research, which suggests that a clean office keeps workers working and motivated. They also proved the opposite, meaning that a dirty office becomes a distraction. This distraction is responsible for lowered learning and productivity.

Office Cleaning Service NYC

The study was extensive, with over 1,400 people participating. The report published from the study suggests that certain triggers made it harder to work than others. Each of the triggers is related to a dirty office. Over 80 percent of people said it was hard to work when:

  • They could see a buildup of dust or dirt. This is especially the case when it is on walls, in the corners on floors, and on fixtures.
  • Surfaces have visible streaks, handprints, and dirt marks. This can be on walls, desks, and windows.
  • There are over flowing trashcans with old garbage. For some it is unsightly while others have difficulty tolerating the smell.
  • They have to walk on visibly dirty and stained carpets.
  • They have to use dirty bathroom, with streaky mirrors, over flowing garbage, dirty floors, and unclean toilets.

By taking care of the above problems, and all other cleaning issues, you will reduce distractions and bad odors. This will enhance the moral and productivity of your workers.

Office Cleaning Service NYC

The easiest and best option you have for a clean office is professional office cleaning companies. Hiring an office cleaning service in NYC will allow you to keep a presentable office. It can be troublesome and difficult for workers to clean properly, due to all the different, tools, supplies, and surfaces to work with. Trust your office to professionals so that you office will always be spotless.
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