Office Cleaning Service New York CityAside from snow and sleet, winter brings its own challenges for business owners. Office cleaning is important all year round, but it’s essential during the winter months. When dealing with cold and flu season, cleaning and sanitizing are the most important ways to prevent sickness. The best office cleaning service New York City offers can properly prep your space for the winter and help reduce illness and sick days.

Your office’s HVAC system will work overtime when the temperatures drop. Before the winter begins and you start using your heating system, some general maintenance needs to be done. Clean all parts of the system, including the vents, coils, ductwork, registers, and drain pans. It’s also important to replace the filters. A clean HVAC system is essential in supporting healthy indoor air quality. Low air quality can exacerbate allergy symptoms and lead to other sicknesses.

Sanitizing is essential in combatting cold and flu season. It’s easy for germs to spread throughout the office if the space is not properly cleaned. Our trained cleaners know all the areas to focus on to ensure germs do not spread. We heavily focus on cleaning and sanitizing high-touch areas in the office, such as doorknobs, telephones, and faucets.

Ice salt is an excellent resource in preventing slips and falls due to melting snow and ice. However, it can damage hardwood, tile, carpet, and other flooring materials. Outdoor ice salt is easily tracked into the office from shoes and rolling bags. The best janitorial services NYC offers will know how to clean your floors properly to ensure ice salt does not accumulate enough to cause damage.

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