What are you doing to ensure your office stays clean through short and snowy days? There are certain changes you need to consider to ensure that your office remains clean and sanitary. The best office cleaning New York City has knows just what to do to keep office spaces clean all winter long.

Office Cleaning New York City


As the weather gets colder, people begin to shut windows, which means there is no fresh air circulating. When there is an excess of dirt and dust in an office, it triggers respiratory issues like asthma and allergies. Keeping on top of proper dusting and vacuuming can drastically increase your employees’ and clients’ health and comfort. Office cleaning in New York City knows to dust all appliances, fans, and light fixtures.

Clean Curtains

Can you machine wash or dry clean your curtains? Taking the time to do this now freshens up your space. Curtains can harbor odors, bacteria, and dust. Cleaning curtains makes them smell great, and it keeps your employees healthy.

Clean Windows

Now that windows are closed, you can see smudges and dirt more easily. Besides being unpleasant to look at, they obscure sunlight, making it harder for UV rays to heat the office.

Steam Carpets

Carpeting is prone to damage and stains over the winter. Frequent vacuuming is important, but a vacuum does not remove stains. The longer a stain is left on a carpet, the harder it is to get the stain out. Once the problem gets bad enough, replacing the carpet becomes your only option.

Office Cleaning Service New York City

For more information on keeping your space clean this winter, you should not hesitate to reach out for the best office cleaning New York City has to offer you.

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