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Have you ever wondered why electronic devices seem to attract an excessive amount of dust? It seems like a person can clean their keyboards several times a day because of the amount of dust and dirt these electronics show. For many, this question has remained an age-old office mystery.

Dust is easily carried in the air, so you are less likely to find dust in highly trafficked areas. Look at the corners of a space or the least frequently used areas of an office, and you will most likely notice more dust there than in other parts of the office. Few people walk into those areas, which allows dust to settle. An office desktop, phone, mouse, and keyboard barely move, so like the corners of a room, dust can build without being disturbed. Because office electronics (big and small) do not move far, they collect dust more than other appliances and tools in an office.

Another factor that contributes to excessive dust on electronics is the slight positive charge of electronic devices. Dust is known to be attracted to positive electrical charges, which means that as dust particles fall from the sky, they are more likely to land on the phone than a chair.

Regardless of why dust lands where it does, it is vital to hire office cleaning NYC to clean your space adequately. A dirty and dusty office creates sick employees with low morale, so make sure your office remains as clean as possible.

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