Have you ever been to a waiting room without chairs or a couch? Could you imagine what it would be like if desk employees had to stand all day because they didn’t have seats? It would be strange to see a room full of people standing and this is why businesses spend a great deal of money making sure clients and employees have comfortable places to sit. Anyone that has shopped for office upholstery recognizes the high price tag that is attached to it. 

Janitorial Services NYC

Janitorial Services NYC

To extend the life of your couches and computer chairs, they must be kept clean. The best janitorial services NYC has can treat different fabrics to get them clean without damaging them. At minimum, seat should have a deep clean every 6 to 12 months. There are a few instances in a workplace that warrant extra cleaning throughout the year. These include:

When there are staff changes, you may want to consider cleaning the person’s chair. This is a much better option than giving the employee a dirty chair or a new one. A worker will be immediately turned off from their new job if they get to the office their first day to find a dirty and smelly chair.

At times, a business must do cubicle reconfiguring. During this time, it is a smart idea to have both upholstery and cubicle walls cleaned. Why not put your office back together as if it were new? We offer office cleaning in NYC that covers all upholstery types and materials.

Child and healthcare setting should be on a different timetable than other businesses. Children and sick people tend to have bacteria and germs that can stay dormant in cushions and other materials. If you own and operate either of these two businesses, consider cleaning upholstery more frequently.

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