Janitorial Services NYC

A clean blanket of snow is fluffy and bright in appearance but can cause a mess in an office building.  Most cities and private business cover their sidewalks snow and ice preventative substances such as sand and rock salt.  Although these materials prevent injury, they wreak havoc on office buildings.  The melting snow is also very problematic for any flooring. It is a difficult task to keep an office clean in the wet, winter months and so janitorial services NYC can be very helpful.Janitorial Services NYC

Mud, sand, rock salt and moisture are a floor’s worst enemy. They cause scratching, warping, fraying and deterioration of color or stain.  Scheduling a janitorial service in NYC to regularly buff, burnish, wash, strip and seal the floors will ensure that the floors are protected from these harmful agents.

Office Cleaning NYC

If your office is carpeted, it is still subject to damage from the winter elements. Professional office cleaning in NYC means regularly vacuuming and sweeping to prevent dirt and rock salt from building up the workspace. Also, most services clean the entrance mats to the building. Mats are the first line of defense and should take a large majority of the moisture and materials that get tracked into the building.

In the winter, windows also dirty more easily. If your office building is located on a busy street natural factors such as snow and mud can make the windows dirty. It is important to have the windows cleaned by a professional service so that natural light is not impeded.

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