Winter could be the hardest month for managers and owners to keep their office spaces clean. There are so many factors that come along with cold, wintery days that can make it hard for employees to keep up with cleaning. At this time of year, office cleaning in NYC is vitally important.

Office Cleaning NYC

A clean workspace makes employees more productive, reduces sickness and allergy symptoms, and also impresses new clients. Hiring our janitorial service in NYC is the first step to keeping your office clean this winter.

Floors and rugs need to be diligently cleaned at this time of year because of all the water and dirt that people track into the office on their shoes. There are few people who would argue that falling snow on an untouched street looks beautiful, but that quickly changes as people and traffic fill the street to get to work and school. Most people that live in Manhattan are familiar with the dirty, black snow that litters sidewalks. As people walk to work, even just from a subway station, they are likely to step in something gross and then bring it in.

Dust is especially harmful this time of year because windows are closed and less fresh air can circulate. We make sure to diligently vacuum and dust to help keep breathing air clean. Dirty air triggers allergic reactions and sickness. Keep your workers happy and healthy this winter.

Office Cleaning NYC

Wintertime is flu season, and so you should make sure you have a professional team disinfecting essential areas of the office. Our team knows the right places to clean to reduce the spread of flu and other illnesses throughout the office.

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