Allergies affect many people. For some, seasonal allergies can make a workday almost unbearable. If your employee is suffering from severe allergies, it can affect their work. Hiring janitorial services NYC to regularly clean your office space can help alleviate allergy symptoms. 

Open Windows – While a fresh breeze on an Autumn day feels fantastic to some, seasonal allergy sufferers will not feel the same way. Open windows allow pollen and other allergens to enter the workspace. Install an HVAC system to control the indoor temperature, so you do not need to open windows. But keep in mind that HVAC systems come with their issues. Filters that are cleaned regularly prevent allergens from entering the air. 

Control Dust Mites – Office cleaning in NYC helps to alleviate the presence of dust mites in your office. Since dust mites enter the area on clothing, they are impossible to eliminate. Dusting and vacuuming from the best office cleaning NYC has ensures that an office will not get overrun by dust mites. 

Pet Dander – Even if your office does not allow pets, you can still suffer from pet dander. If employees have pets at home, they are likely carrying this allergen into the office on their clothes. Pet dander can be microscopic, which means that cleaning is necessary to keep surfaces allergen-free.

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