Office Cleaning New York CityMany of us try to keep our eyes focused on the world around us rather than merely looking at the floor and our feet. People not looking at floors is not an acceptable excuse for not diligently cleaning floors and stains. Regardless of the surface of the floor, it should be cleaned by janitorial services in NYC. For those that have carpeting, thorough and regular cleaning is a must. Carpeting is susceptible to damage from basic foot-traffic as well as permanent staining. The four most common office stains include:

  1. The lifeblood of most offices is coffee and tea, which both stain. Although we enjoy drinking it, we do not enjoy looking at stains and smelling the old coffee. The longer a coffee stays, the harder it is to remove.
  2. Many people think that water spilled on a carpet will dry and the stain will go away. This is not always the case because spilled water can leave watermarks. These marks are cleaned with commercial carpet cleaners.
  3. A busy office is no stranger to ink stains. From pens, fax machines, printers, and copiers, the ink has many different paths to get to carpeting.
  4. An office without a kitchen can still find food-related stains throughout the office. Unless you ban eating and drinking in your space, it will be hard to get rid of these stains.

Office Cleaning NYC

Regardless of the cause of stain, our team can help keep your carpeting looking pristine. For more information about fighting stains, reach out for office cleaning NYC.

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