Even with the most efficient and best office cleaning NYC offers, it is typical for all offices to get dirty by the end of the workday. A business can do two main things to rectify or manage this situation. First, a company could hire a full-time cleaning crew, but hiring these employees is often expensive. The second option is to maintain high-quality janitorial services and promote employees cleaning. What can a boss and manager do to encourage employees to contribute to a safe, clean, and sanitary work environment?

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First, it is essential to recognize that a clean office is a more productive office. Dirt and bacteria often trigger sickness and allergies, making it exceedingly difficult for employees to work at peak performance. Keeping a clean office is not just for aesthetics; it is for maintaining a functional and optimal workspace.

Set up hand sanitizing stations throughout your office. Even without COVID as an issue, sanitation stations drastically reduce bacteria and germs. Often, these stations can be placed at several critical areas of the office, such as kitchens, entrances, and bathrooms. It only takes an employee a few extra seconds to sanitize their hands before returning to the workspace and touching things.

Allow employees a small amount of time every week to focus their attention on cleaning up their space. As employees get busy, taking care of their space often falls to the wayside, leading to excess dirt and a bigger mess for a janitorial service to clean. 1/2 hour a week of cleaning time can do wonders for an employee’s space and mental state. This half-hour does not mean they should bust out Lysol wipes and rubber gloves; instead, they can organize their documents, clean up their desk, and make sure all their stuff is in proper order. An orderly employee is often a better employee.

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