Most people would say that the floor of an office is the dirtiest part because of all the foot traffic. In NYC, the options are almost limitless for what you can step on while commuting to work, and all that junk gets dragged to work with the employee. Although a floor gets dirty quickly, it might not be the dirtiest part of office space. The awards for dirty areas go to:Office cleaning New York

  • Bathroom: this is the number one spot, and it might be obvious to guess why. These spaces should be cleaned at least once a day, but probably more depending on the number of people using it.
  • Coffee pots: the kitchen can get filled with debris, dirt, germs, and bacteria, but some spots in the kitchen are dirtier than others. Many hands frequently touch a coffee pot, and it is rarely cleaned. The inside of the machine begins to fill will old water and grinds, which leads to smells and mold.
  • Buttons and handles: buttons on elevators, knobs on doors, and handles on other entries must be cleaned daily. Bacteria and germs build up on those things, and they are easily spread to the others who touch it.
  • Phones: of all the office equipment that should be cleaned, a phone ranks high on the list. A mouse and keyboard are dirty, but they are never brought to the face like a phone. Keeping phones clean reduces allergic outbreaks and illness.

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