Many offices throughout NYC hire outside janitorial services because they recognize the difficulty in keeping a space clean. Beyond having the correct tools for the job, the best janitorial services NYC know to clean the most overlooked areas of an. If you need office cleaning in NYC, you should make us your first call.

Office Cleaning NYC

There are areas of the office most facility managers know to clean, like carpets and bathrooms. There are many spots in an office that, if left to clean by employees, would get dirty.

In a work environment, dirt and grime like to hide:

Upholstery and furniture: do you have a couch in your lobby, and if so, when was the last time it was cleaned?  Even if you cannot see visible stains, the sofas or chairs maybe be harboring bacteria. The same applies to furniture and cubicle walls throughout the office. Special care must be taken to ensure upholstery doesn’t smell, look faded, or carry harmful bacteria.

Ducts and Vents: In NYC, few offices can open their windows to get fresh air. Those employees must rely on fresh air from the HVAC system. If the vents and ducts of those systems are dirty and filled with bacteria, when the system is turned on, it will blow that stuff into the air for everyone to breathe.

Computers: a person’s computer can be amongst the dirtiest places in an office. Communal workspaces are even worse. For the health of people in the office, keyboards, mice, phones, and the like must all be regularly clean and disinfected.

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