Office Cleaning NYCSome business owners may skimp on professional office cleaning because they feel it’s unnecessary. However, this is the wrong approach. Hiring us for the best office cleaning NYC offers provides a safe environment for your workers and a lasting impression on clients. It’s not advised to leave the cleaning to your employees. They are not trained professionals, so they will not clean your office sufficiently.

When it comes to office cleaning, many areas are missed. Hiring the best professional janitorial services NYC offers is so important. Our professionals are trained to clean those commonly overlooked places.

  • Blinds – When was the last time you cleaned your office window blinds? If you said never, then you’re not alone. The blinds are one of the most commonly overlooked places in the office. A professional cleaning service knows to wipe down dust and other debris from office blinds to reduce pollen accumulation in the air.
  • Furniture – Most people do not think about cleaning furniture even though it’s used daily. Vacuuming around the furniture is the most people will consider. However, it’s essential to vacuum and wipe down furniture regularly. We will also check the crevices for any garbage.
  • Tight Spaces – When vacuuming, many individuals look at the big picture and ignore the tight spaces and edges of carpets. They’ll also fail to move furniture and cords to ensure all areas are cleaned.
  • Cleaning the Fridge – The fridge can be filled with things stinking up the office, from old lunches to expired condiments. It’s common for employees to forget to clean out the fridge, which should be done at the end of each workweek.

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