Office Cleaning NYCMost office spaces in NYC cannot operate without coffee. For many, it is what gets them going in the morning, For others, it is the only thing that keeps them moving proficiently throughout a long workday. Although coffee can help employees in an office, it can also be the cause of messes and stains. Coffee stains are usually noticeable and troublesome to get out. When coffee is spilled onto carpeting, you must handle the mess in a particular way. Our janitorial service in NYC has the tools and knowledge necessary for cleaning coffee stains.

It is important to note that coffee dries differently than other liquid. Coffee is made up of thousands of spherical particles, which causes the fluid to seep into carpets. As coffee stains begin to evaporate, the spill will shift its mass. After some time, the coffee particles will spread and embed themselves in the carpeting. The stains will harden, and the carpeting will no longer have that soft bounce.

Office Cleaning NYC

Cleaning up stains in an office space is essential. To someone who made it, it may seem like a small spill. Others, especially new clients, will see the stain as a lack of caring and consideration. Keep your office space clean from the floor to the ceiling. For more information on office cleaning NYC, give us a call.

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