When your employees are sick, it naturally affects the productivity of a business. If employees are ill and unable to come into the office, they will fall behind in work. If they do decide to go to work while sick, the results are worse. When you’re sick, you’re unable to perform to the best of your ability. Additionally, germs spread quickly, and sick people tend to get others sick.Office Cleaning NYC

The best way to reduce sickness is with a clean office. Office cleaning in NYC is essential to ensure your employees stay safe. Speak with your cleaning service to ensure they’re sanitizing the space properly to eliminate germs and bacteria.

The best janitorial services NYC has to offer know how to clean and disinfect surfaces. We particularly pay attention to high-touch surfaces. Phones, keyboards, door handles, and refrigerator handles are all teeming with germs and bacteria. We leave the disinfectant on the surface for a full minute before wiping it away.

Aside from hiring a professional service to come in and effectively clean your office, there are policies that business owners can implement to reduce sickness. The most important thing to do is to establish proper sick leave. Ensure that employees can stay home when they are feeling ill. Lead by example by never coming into the office when you’re feeling sick.

Office Cleaning NYC

It’s also essential to make sure all employees practice proper hygiene. Make sure the soap in the bathroom dispenser is always filled and consider installing hand sanitizing stations throughout the office.

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