In our modern world, the fear of COVID-19 is everywhere. The virus caused almost the entire country to shut down, which unfortunately closed office spaces for businesses throughout NYC. As New York begins to open, owners need to rethink how to do business. All managers and business owners should ask themselves one fundamental question: how will you reduce the risk of COVID in your workplace?Office Cleaning NYC

Workspaces will benefit from social distancing guidelines, but keeping people apart is not nearly enough. How will you keep your space clean?

It would be best if you cleaned with sodium hypochlorite or isopropyl alcohol cleaners. These chemical cleaners are known to help fight COVID-19. It would help if you took care when using these cleaners because they are chemicals like bleach. You should wear gloves to protect the skin, and you should keep the cleaner away from fabrics to prevent bleaching.

It would be beneficial if you took the time to dry surfaces after cleaning them. Water that is left behind creates an environment where environments thrive. Take a cloth and wipe down surfaces.

Take time to focus on touchpoint areas. Everyone has heard about the importance of handwashing and avoiding face-touching. Our hands are like sponges for viruses. As employees commute to work in NYC, they are bound to touch railings and doors. If these employees are not able to wash their hands before touching doors, computers, and more, they can spread what they touched. Make sure you clean all surfaces that people touch.

Office Cleaning NYC

Your best bet for protecting your employees is to hire a professional office cleaning NYC. Professionals know where to clean and how to clean. When you leave your janitorial services to your employees, they are bound to make a mistake. Keep your workers safe and clean.
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