A server room is an essential component of most businesses. It’s the place to store and protect data. When it comes to office cleaning in NYC, many forget about their server room. However, your server room needs professional cleaning to remove dust and protect from excess moisture.

Office cleaning NYC

The best janitorial services NYC offers will not overlook your business’s server room. Proper cleaning of your server room will enhance business performance. Ensuring the room is cleaned regularly will keep operations moving as it improves the server’s lifespan.

Many server rooms feature a raised floor for cables and IT equipment. When cleaning a raised floor, never use a broom. Brooms will release contaminants into the air. A dry mop is a better cleaning tool and should only be used on the raised floor. When deep cleaning a raised floor, use a vacuum with a HEPA filter.

When cleaning the electronic equipment, do not forget about the invisible areas. Wipe all surfaces using antistatic cleaning chemicals. Aside from the equipment, windows, doors, and lights also need to be cleaned. Overhead areas are another spot that need cleaning. Most server rooms have an area between the drop-down ceiling and the structural ceiling. Clean this area with an antistatic cleaning fluid.

Hiring a professional cleaning service is the number one way to ensure your server room is cleaned properly. Your employees are not professionally trained to clean. Professional cleaning ensures your server runs efficiently. Let your employees focus on the tasks they were hired to perform. Hire the best office cleaning NYC offers to clean your server room.

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