Keeping a clean office is a yearlong job. A clean office promotes a healthy environment for your employees and is inviting to current and potential clients. Leave the office cleaning NY to a professional to ensure efficient and effective cleaning.

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The best way to ensure your office is always clean is to have a proactive approach to cleaning by anticipating any changes in the office that may lead to uncleanliness. If you know an event will lead to filthy floors, don’t wait until the day of to handle the situation. Be proactive by talking with your janitorial services NYC to prepare for the event.

Below we’ll go over three frequent changes to prepare for:

Construction – New projects in the office are a great way to revamp your space and make it more inviting, but they can also create a huge mess. When remodeling, expect a ton of debris, such as drywall dust, paint splatter, and more, to litter the office. Make sure your cleaning service is aware of the project beforehand so they can plan accordingly.

Cold and Flu Season – Along with freezing temperatures, winter also brings along sickness. Many people with a cold or flu are contagious before they even realize they’re sick, which means they are bringing these nasty germs into the office. Make sure you’re prepared for these changes. Ensure heavily used areas are disinfected regularly, such as doorknobs, keyboards, and the refrigerator handle.

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Weather – With snow and sleet, winter brings a set of challenges to keeping an office clean. All that dirty snow is tracked onto the floors. Work with your janitorial service to adjust for the extra cleaning the floors will need.

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