Keeping a clean and tidy office should be amongst your highest priorities if clients come to your space. Reach out to the best office cleaning New York City has to offer for more information.

Office Cleaning in New York City

Health and Happiness of Employees

Did you know that, on average, a person spends between 8 to 10 hours in an office (five days a week)? All this time adds up, and so keeping a clean space ensures a happier and healthier employee. A typical desk can harbor up to 400x more bacteria than a toilet seat. A keyboard and mouse are often thought of as the places holding the most bacteria in an office. It is common to find office phones that have over 20,00 germs per square inch. All these germs and bacteria can cause a person to get sick. If your employees seem to be getting sick frequently, you may want to consider why. Maybe the best office cleaning New York City has to offer can rectify this situation.

Office Cleaning New York City

A happy employee is a productive employee. Studies suggest that employees that work in clean and tidy environments are happier and more productive than employees working in a dirty and unkempt office. Typically clutter leads to stress, and stress leads to poor performance at work. A manager can only say so much to motivate their employees, so sometimes taking action is more important than words. With the help of the best janitorial service New York City has to offer, you can keep your workers happier and more motivated

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