Office Cleaning NYCFor the well-being and health of your employees, the air quality of your office is essential. One can do many things in their workspace to improve the air quality. One crucial aspect of improved air is a clean office. Hiring the best office cleaning New York City offers will significantly improve the air quality of your office.

How can you improve your office’s air quality?

  • Make sure that you are replacing air filters regularly. Filters in your HVAC system should be replaced every six to twelve months. A dirty filter is filled with dust, dirt, and other debris, drastically diminishing air quality.
  • Consider utilizing indoor office plants. These office plants not only improve air quality but are also aesthetically pleasing. Popular air purifying indoor plants are spider plants, English ivy, snake plants, and areca palms.
  • Your HVAC system will accumulate dust, bacteria, and mold with time and use. Regularly clean your HVAC ducts to avoid certain airborne infections from entering the office.
  • Healthy humidity levels are essential for improved air quality. With the help of air conditioners and dehumidifiers, keep the humidity levels in the office between thirty and fifty percent.
  • Have the air quality tested often by checking humidity levels and airflow. Inspect the space often for leaks, water damage, or mold growth.
  • Hire professional janitorial services in New York City to ensure the cleanliness of your office space. A space free of clutter and dust will have better air quality. Additionally, make sure garbage is disposed of daily.

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