More and more, modern office spaces are moving away from a traditional cubical structure. Twenty to thirty years ago, you would mostly find individual spaces and desks for each employee. The modern office design trend is to have shared desk spaces, meaning using large desks with multiple people working on/around them. There are many benefits of connecting coworkers in shared spaces, but it also comes with some minor drawbacks. If this is the type of office you have established, you need to hire office cleaning in New York City to clean and sanitize a shared workspace.

The best office cleaning New York City has to offer should:

Unplug All Electronics – unplugging electronics protects the equipment when scrubbing with a cleaning solution. Accidents happen, and this is one of the most common mistakes untrained cleaners make.

Moving Surface Items – move small, movable items so that you can effectively clean the entire area. Many items on the shared desk are frequently touched, which means that these surfaces can be hotspots for bacteria and germs. All items need to be sanitized with antibacterial wipes. It is important to keep the areas vacant for at least ten minutes after being sanitized.

Clean Permanent Fixtures – monitors, printers, and the like are difficult to move but still need to be cleaned and sanitized.  Because many of these electronics can be broken or damaged, you need office cleaning NYC that knows how to handle these items.

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