The office is your home away from home. With a large percentage of your day spent at work, you want to ensure that your space is clean. Unfortunately, the average office is infected with germs and bacteria. A dirty office can lead to sick workers forced to take time off and use up sick leave.

Janitorial Services NYCEven if you take care of your personal workspace, heavily trafficked areas are riddled with germs. If you think that the dirtiest spot in an office is the bathroom, you are wrong. The place in the office with the most bacteria is the kitchen. The handles of an office microwave have the second most amount of ATP. ATP stands for adenosine triphosphate, which is a molecule found in bacteria, vegetables, animals, mold cells, and yeast. The area in the office with the highest concentration of ATP is the sink faucet in break rooms. Vending machines, keyboards, refrigerator door handles, and water fountain buttons also have a large percentage of ATP.

Janitorial Services NYC

The safest way to ensure a clean office and healthy workers is to hire janitorial services in NYC. Hiring an office cleaning company in NYC is the best option for keeping a clean workspace. An office cleaning service company has the equipment and staff to efficiently and correctly cleans the entire workplace.

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